Quickstart — What is Clay?

Build your first lead list in 3 minutes

Clay is a simple spreadsheet interface, yet powerful automation platform that allows you to build internal tooling and automations to streamline your marketing, sales, and recruiting.
There are 3 core components to working with Clay:

Step 1 — Build list of leads with Clay's Sources

Start from a source to discover and pull in any data directly into your spreadsheet such as CSVs, HubSpot contacts, LinkedIn profiles, Webflow signups, Twitter followers, or scrape data from anywhere with our Chrome extension.

Step 2 — Enrich contacts with company and personal data

Use any of our built-in enrichments tools (typically costing $50,000+) to find data on people or companies such as name, employee count, location, mutual connections, technology stack, fundraising, and much more.

Step 3 — Push to your CRM, email campaigns, Slack, and more

Build logic and workflow automations directly into your table, without code. Filter, sort, and qualify leads with formulas like any simple spreadsheet. Then sync contacts back to any of your favorite tools: HubSpot, Airtable, Google Sheets or send a notification using Slack, SendGrid, and more.
P.S. Join our Slack community to see what other Claymakers are building
Last modified 5mo ago