Find Repo Summary

1️⃣ What does it do?

Get metrics of a given repo, like the description, owner's name, URL, and more.

2️⃣ How to set it up:

  1. In your table, go to Enrich Data and search for the integration with the search bar.

  2. Provide the necessary input(s) in the corresponding field.

  3. Click on Continue to Add Fields, then Save and run!

    • Toggle the data points you wish to map out automatically after it completes the search (data can also be mapped out after).

⭐️ Cost: Free (Github Account Required)

3️⃣ Data Provided:

Click Here to see all data points provided by "Find Repo Summary"

ID, Node ID, Name, Full Name, Private status, Owner Login, Owner ID, Owner Node ID, Owner Avatar URL, Owner Gravatar ID, Owner URL, Owner HTML URL, Owner Followers URL, Owner Following URL, Owner Gists URL, Owner Starred URL, Owner Subscriptions URL, Owner Organizations URL, Owner Repos URL, Owner Events URL, Owner Received Events URL, Owner Type, Owner Site Admin HTML URL, Description, Fork, URL, Forks URL, Keys URL, Collaborators URL, Teams URL, Hooks URL, Issues Events URL, Events URL, Assignees URL, Branches URL, Tags URL, Blobs URL, Git Tags URL, Git Refs URL, Trees URL, Statuses URL, Languages URL, Stargazers URL, Contributors URL, Subscribers URL, Subscription URL, Commits URL, Git Commits URL, Comments URL, Issue Comment URL, Contents URL, Compare URL, Merges URL, Archive URL, Downloads URL, Issues URL, Pulls URL, Milestones URL, Pulls URL, Milestones URL, Notifications URL, Labels URL, Releases URL, Deployments URL, Created At, Updated At, Git URL, Ssh URL, Clone URL, Svn URL, Homepage, Size, Stargazers Count, Watchers Count, Language, Has Issues, Has Projects, Has Downloads, Has Wiki, Has Pages, Has Discussions, Forks Count, Archived, Disabled, Open Issues Count, Allow Forking, Is Template, Web Commit Signoff Required, Visibility, Forks, Open Issues, Watchers, Default Branch, Permissions, Temp Clone Token, Allow Squash Merge, Allow Merge Commit, Allow Rebase Merge, Allow Auto Merge, Delete Branch on Merge, Allow Update Branch, Use Squash Pr Title as Default, Squash Merge Commit Message, Squash Merge Commit Title, Merge Commit Message, Merge Commit Title, Network Count, Subscribers Count, Read Me Content

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