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Add a Loxo action to quickly connect to your CRM and automatically lookup or sync records.

For Loxo there are 4 different actions that can be used for any record:

  • Lookup Record

1️⃣ Lookup

If you want to:

  • Lookup whether an object exists (this could be an account, lead, etc).

  • Lookup the information of an object in Loxo

Expand this to see the set up!

Lookup Record

For Lookup Record, you need to select:

  • An object to look up

  • And object field to search by

  • And a "Search For" column - this is a column mapped from your Clay table

If you want to see if a person you found with Clay exists in Loxo, you would likely use the following setup:

  • Loxo Object: "Lead"

  • Object Field: "Email"

  • Search For: /Email Column From Clay

🚨 We default to a contains search. This means - if you were searching for a company called "Clay", we would return a match even if the company name found was called "Clay Labs".

If you want to restrict results to only exact matches, simply toggle on "Exact Match?"

This action is particularly helpful if you want to conditionally exclude records you already have in your CRM from further enrichment.

⭐️ Cost: Free:)

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