Add a Lemlist action to quickly connect to your email sequencer and automatically lookup or sync records. This will allow you to trigger emails from Clay, without needing to ever go to Lemlist for an upload.

For Leads 3 different actions - "Lookup", "Add", and "Update".

Check out the options below to see which is right for you!

1️⃣ Lookup

If you want to:

  • Lookup whether a lead exists or not

  • Lookup the information in Lemlist for a lead

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Lookup Account

For Lookup Account, you need to map an email column. Once running this action - you'll receive all data in your Lemlist account for the lead (if the match was found).

This action is particularly helpful if you want to conditionally exclude records you already have in Lemlist from further enrichment.

2️⃣ Add

If you want to:

  • Add a new Lead to a campaign

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Add Lead to Campaign

For Add Lead to Campaign, you need to select a Campaign ID and map an email address column.

You can then map First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and Personalization columns. If you want to add any additional fields, create a new custom variable in Instantly, then add "Custom Variables" in your Clay integration.

This action is particularly helpful if you want to take the leads you've found in Clay and instantly create corresponding records in Salesloft. Please note - if the account/person already exists, we will not create duplicates by default.

3️⃣ Update

If you want to:

  • Update a lead that already exists in Lemlist

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Update Lead in Campaign

For Update Lead in Campaign, simply map the Campaign ID and Email address, then map any columns to the other objects to instantly update these leads!

⭐️ Cost: Free:)

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