Find Data from Page

1️⃣ What does it do?

Map pages with a similar structure and pull structured data using the Chrome Extension. In beta, reach out for more info.

After running, It will show you the structured data scraped from the webpage. Which you then can map to other fields. You can scrape any listing or product page, given that the website has been mapped. The mapping can be either done by you or you can ask us to get it mapped for you.

2️⃣ How to set it up:

  1. In your table, go to Enrich Data and search for the integration with the search bar.

  2. Provide the necessary input(s) in the corresponding field.

  3. Click on Continue to Add Fields, then Save and run!

    • Toggle the data points you wish to map out automatically after it completes the search (data can also be mapped out after).

⭐️ Cost: 1 Credit per row

3️⃣ Data Provided:

Click Here to see all data points provided by "Find Data from Page"

Structured data that was mapped with the chrome extension

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