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Clay Chrome Extension

At its core, the mission of the Chrome Extension is to turn the entire internet into a data source, bridging the gap between platform and browser by letting you pull data from any webpage directly into Clay.
You can:
  • Pull in automatically detected lists. If there is a list on a website, the Clay Chome extension will attempt to map it, allowing you to copy to clipboard and paste in Clay or download as csv.
  • Map your own lists. If a list isn't detected or you want to pull in a few more data points to complete it, you can map your own lists and export them to Clay.
  • Map page attributes. If you keep manually copy-pasting the same data from similarly structured pages (e.g. Yelp profiles, Fortune 500 Profiles, etc), you can map a page type and automatically pull those same data points for every profile into Clay using only the URL.

Getting Started

To install the build and add it to your browser:
  1. 1.
    Head on over to the Chrome Store
2. Pin the extension to your extension toolbar

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