Find Keywords In Website

1️⃣ What does it do?

Find if a website/domain contains certain keywords, obtain snippets, match count, and more.

2️⃣ How to set it up:

  1. In your table, go to Enrich Data and search for the integration with the search bar.

  2. Provide the necessary input(s) in the corresponding field.

  3. Click on Continue to Add Fields, then Save and run!

    • Toggle the data points you wish to map out automatically after it completes the search (data can also be mapped out after).

⭐️ Cost: 1 Credit per row.

3️⃣ Data Provided:

Click Here to see all data points provided by "Find Keywords in Website"

Position, Title, Link, Dispayed Link, Snippet, About Page Link, About Page Serpapi Link, Cached Page Link, Snippet Highlighted Words, Sitelinks, Rich Snippet, About This Result

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