Map and pull your own page data into Clay

Rather than repeatedly copy-pasting data from pages of the same structure into your table, map one page and use the Clay "Get Data from Page Action" to pull the data directly into Clay for all pages of the same structure.

A couple of examples we've seen crop up include Yelp company pages, TikTok profiles, company profile pages on any online directory.

For example:

1.Head to your website of choice. To pull in key data for all brand pages using their URL head over to

2. Enter Select Data mode and Match your Recipe. You can think of matching a recipe as creating a map for any similarly structured URL, in this case for any pages that start with → Follow the instructions in the extension to match your recipe for other URLs.

3. Pick your attributes. Click the Select Data from Page button > Select a single attribute option and get mapping!

4. Pull attributes into Clay. Pop your link in to a Clay table, add the Get Data from Page — Beta (New Service) action, and let it run to pull your data in! Extract into columns so you can see each attribute easily.