Write to Other Table

What is Write To Other Table?

There are several integrations in which more than one result could be found and stored inside a single cell per row and you need or want to extract each one of those results into their individual row.

In this instance, it may be better to write out this data in a new table. This will allow you to further enrich or score each result, especially if it's a list of contacts.

It can also be used to write over data that's not part of a list but already exists in other columns.

How to set it up:

  1. Create a new table in which you plan on writing your information from the original table and make sure to set up the number and names of the columns you'll need.

  2. In your original table with data, click on Enrich Data and search for it, or directly from the list click on "Take action on this list" and select "Write to other table".

  3. Add your API key by clicking on your name in the bottom left, select "Developer" and copy the API key.

  4. From the list, select the values you want to write to the other table in the "Add values from objects in..." section, by identifying the target column and the data point that will be written over. The same is true for the "Add other data from this table" section for any of those existing columns and values you want to write over.

  5. Click on Continue to Add Fields and Save and run!

⭐️ Cost: Free

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