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Auto-Update Your Table, or Cells

1️⃣ What does it do?

Auto-update is a way to make sure your workflow runs automatically. Auto-update can be disabled at both the table and the column level.
🚨Please note: You should not turn auto-update off on a table for an extended period of time. It's meant to be used mainly for when you want to test a small change's effect on an entire table. If you are not advanced with Clay though, you can leave this feature on all the time.

2️⃣ How does it work?

Let's say you had 3 columns that connected to each other in the following order.
  • LinkedIn Profile -> Enrich Person from LinkedIn Profile -> Find Work Email
Scenario 1:
If auto-update is on for both the table, and all columns:
  • Any new row added to the table will automatically go through that workflow
Scenario 2:
If auto-update is turned off for one column (Let's say Find Work Email column)
  • When a new row is added, Enrich person will run, but the "Find Work Email" column will not run. You'll need to manually click play on a specific cell or the entire column to make Find Work Email run
Scenario 3:
If auto-update is turned off for the entire table
  • When a new row is added, none of the enrichments will run. You'll need to manually run each column (or cell) in the correct order for the workflow to work.

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