Perform Search - Google

1️⃣ What does it do?

Instead of researching companies and contacts one by one, you can use a query to automatically run thousands of searches at once.

Our Perform Search integration is what makes this possible.

For example, lets say you were researching the company Slack. You may manually search for:

  • "Slack competitors"

  • "Slack recent news"

  • "Slack conferences 2023"

Any of those queries (and so much more) you can do in Clay with this integration. We have a few presets you can use to get started for common scenarios.

2️⃣ How to set it up:

  1. First identify what you want to change in your searches every time. If you have a list of companies and you want to research each of their competitors, the company name is going to be different in each search.

  2. Choose one company as an example. Then use Google's advanced search generator to generate your query. Click here to see the search generator

  1. Take the search from google (pictured below) and paste that into Clay.

  1. Paste the query into Clay's "Google Perform Search" input and swap out the example object you had with the corresponding column

⭐️ Cost: 1 Credit per row

3️⃣ Data Provided:

Click Here to see all data points provided by "Search Google"

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