Getting started (Quick demo)

Watch our onboarding demo ⚑️

Step 1 - Create your table

There are two types of tables you can create within your workspace: New Blank tables and New People tables.
People tables run built-in enrichments for you behind the curtain while blank tables are made for adding actions and enrichments yourself. Let's get started with a New Blank Table.

Step 2 - Create lists from a Source

Connect Clay with one of our 7 different sources. In this example, we queried 50 leads directly from Clay's LinkedIn Find People source. You can also import a CSV, connect your CRM, stream in Twitter followers, and much more.

Step 3 - Add enrichments

Clay offers 7+ built-in enrichment tools that would typically cost over $50,000. Choose from Clearbit, Owler, People Data Labs, and many more to find information on your emails, names, websites, and much more.

Step 4 - Push to your CRM, email campaigns, and more

Sync Clay back to your favorite tools with built-in integrations or HTTP API connections.