What makes Clay magical?
Clay is an end-to-end prospecting workflow tool that aggregates over 50+ data providers into a simple spreadsheet. We enable sales and growth teams to build highly targeted lists of thousands of targeted leads without Upworkers, manual Googling, and subscriptions to data providers.
How do I get access to Clay?
We are currently on a waitlist, so you'll need to sign up here: clay.com/access. Really, really want access? Send us an email at [email protected]
How do I upgrade my workspace?
Send us a message at [email protected] for a link to upgrade. You can view our pricing here at clay.com/pricing
How does Clay work?
There’s 3 simple steps to using Clay:
  • Find leads: Clay makes it easy to pull in lists of leads from dozens of sources including LinkedIn, Github, HubSpot/Salesforce, CSV imports, or even Webhooks.
  • Enrich leads: Clay has built in partnerships with some of the most powerful enrichment providers. Whether you’re starting with names, emails, LinkedIn addresses, or even just a company domain, Clay’s integrations can return almost any people or company data possible from number of open roles to years of experience to validated work emails.
  • Connect destinations: Clay connects with hundreds of different tools to fit perfectly within your stack including Outreach, customer.io, HubSpot/Salesforce, Apollo, Zapier (HTTP API), and much more.
How is Clay able to offer so many integrations at a low cost?
We offer a simple monthly subscription at a fraction of the cost of most single data providers. This is because we buy our credits in bulk, so you can get them for much cheaper without signing onto large, unnecessary commitments. You can pick and choose the best tools for your prospecting flow :)
What are Premium Credits?
We bundle together the majority of our data providers as “Basic enrichments” that are built into your plans; however, we connect with more traditional enrichment tools such as People Data Labs, Hunter, Owler, and Clearbit. While you can connect your own API key to these tools, we also offer credit packages to get access to these more expensive providers at a lower cost. See the section above on Premium enrichments to learn if it’s right for you.
How does Clay's Chrome Extension work? Is it included in my plan?
Yes. Clay’s Chrome Extension makes it easy to scrape and import data from any website in a few simple clicks. For example, you can scrape lists from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, BuiltWith, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ycombinator.com, and much more.
How is Clay different Clearbit, People Data Labs, or other data providers?
Unlike Clearbit, People Data Labs, and other enrichment services, we are not a data provider. We connect with 50+ data providers into a simple prospecting tool so you can build workflow automations, build enrichments on top of each other, score leads, and connect with stack.
Clay makes it possible to do wicked multi-enrichments such as using Google API to find a LinkedIn profile, then using a LinkedIn API to pull in their profile information, then using the company page to pull even more information.
Are enrichment API keys included? Clay I use my own API key?
Yes! Enrichment API keys are built into the product so you don't need to purchase your own (expensive) plan for each integration. That said, certain integrations will require your own API key including Premium Enrichments (People Data Labs, Clearbit, Hunter, and Owler). You're also welcome to connect your own API key so that you don't need to worry about using up your Clay enrichments included in your plan.