Clay Overview

What is Clay?

Clay is a simple spreadsheet interface, yet powerful automation platform that allows you to build internal tooling and automations to streamline your customer operations.

How Clay works

1.Connect to your data. Import lists or tables into the product using CSVs, connect your data via webhooks, or scrape data across the internet with our Chrome extension.
2. Create custom enrichments. Use any of our free built-in enrichment tools to find data on your people or companies such as name, email, location, company size, social media profiles, and much more.
3. Take action in your tooling. Build internal tools to connect straight back to your stack; send Slack notifications when an ideal customer signs up, automate personalized emails, let people in off your waitlist & more. Clay connects over 1,000+ tools to build the workflow automations of your wildest dreams.
Last modified 2mo ago