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Build your first table in 2 minutes

Step-by-step guide πŸ‘‡

1. Create a LinkedIn Profile source

Create a New Blank Table. Click Add Sources then click LinkedIn Profiles.

2. Add the inputs to find qualified profiles

Input Limit, Location, and Experience Title then click Submit.

3. Expand your LinkedIn results to find new data

Click the expand button to extract data.

4. Extract your results to existing or new columns

Click each Cell Details to Map to the table or to Create New Column.

5. Start adding a People Data Labs enrichment action

Click Add Integrations and select People Data Labs then click Enrich Person.

6. Set up your People Data Lab's enrichment inputs

Input Social Media URL and click Submit Changes.

7. Run all of the records to return data

Click the three dots in the Enrich Person column and click Run in current view then select All records in this view to show results.

8. Extract emails from returned results πŸ₯³

Click the expand button to extract emails. Click Map to table then select Create New Column.
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