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Automate personalized email campaigns for your inbound signups

Step 1 - Creating a source

Click Add Sources then select Webhook. Copy the Webhook URL and go to Webflow. Click Add Webhook. Under Trigger Type select Form Submission and add paste the Webhook URL then click Add Webhook. Scroll up and click Publish then hit the Publish to Selected Domains button.

Step 2 - Adding to waitlist

Go to https://waitlist.clay.com/. Input the work email and hit Bypass the waitlist today. Go back your table and click the expand button for the new record added to extract data.

Step 3 - Adding enrichment

Click Add Integrations, select Clearbit and click Enrich Person & Company. Add the Email as input and run the enrichment. Click the expand button to extract data.

Step 4 - Adding Customer.io - Add/Update Customer Enrichment

Click Add Integrations and select Customer.io then click Add/Update Customer. Authenticate your account. Add the inputs needed and click Save Changes then run the enrichment.