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Getting started with Sources

Sources let you pull live data into Clay. There are three main types of sources: webhooks, direct integrations, and CSV imports.
Webhook: Clay's webhook source allows you to stream any data into your table by simply sending events to an endpoint, for example, website signups, Zapier integrations, Typeform responses.
Direct integrations: Clay's library of source integrations allows you to pull directly from your tooling with a simple OAuth, for example querying data from Linkedin, or streaming in contacts from your HubSpot:
  • LinkedIn: Query thousands of leads directly into your table through LinkedIn. Search profiles based on title, industry, experience, location, and much more.
  • Github Stargazers: Find new leads and prospects by pulling stargazers of any Github Repository directly into your table.
  • Github Contributors: Find people that have contributed to a repository.
  • Twitter followers: Stream in followers of any account directly into a Clay table.
  • Twitter following: Get a list of accounts that a Twitter user is following.
  • Twitter mentions: Pull in profiles of replies and mentions for any Twitter thread.
  • HubSpot: Stream in your entire CRM into a Clay table to enrich and send the data back.
  • CSV import: Upload any CSV directly into Clay. Simply map the columns to fields and start building your dream tables!
  • Webhook: Send any data to Clay.
  • Phantombuster: Pull your results from Phantombuster Containers.
  • Salesforce Records: Enrich your Salesforce data.
  • Apollo People Search: Search for people by Job Title from Apollo.
  • Typeform Responses: Pull responses from your Typeform form.
  • Google Maps: Pull businesses on Google Maps in a location.
  • Google Search: Pull search results from Google Search.
  • Close Contacts: Pull in contacts from Close CRM.
Note that sources are built to feed your table live data, meaning that they pull in new data on a schedule (soon to be configurable!).

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