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Step 1 β€” Build lists from LinkedIn, CRMs, Webhooks, and more

Getting started with Sources

Sources let you pull live data into Clay. There are three main types of sources: webhooks, direct integrations, and CSV imports.
​Webhook: Clay's webhook source allows you to stream any data into your table by simply sending events to an endpoint, for example, website signups, Zapier integrations, Typeform responses.
Direct integrations: Clay's library of source integrations allows you to pull directly from your tooling with a simple OAuth, for example querying data from Linkedin, or streaming in contacts from your HubSpot:
  • ​LinkedIn: Query thousands of leads directly into your table through LinkedIn. Search profiles based on title, industry, experience, location, and much more.
  • ​Github Stargazers: Find new leads and prospects by pulling stargazers of any Github Repository directly into your table.
  • ​Twitter followers: Stream in followers of any account directly into a Clay table.
  • ​Twitter mentions: Pull in profiles of replies and mentions for any Twitter thread.
  • ​HubSpot: Stream in your entire CRM into a Clay table to enrich and send the data back.
  • ​CSV import: Upload any CSV directly into Clay. Simply map the columns to fields and start building your dream tables!
Note that sources are built to feed your table live data, meaning that they pull in new data on a schedule (soon to be configurable!).
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