Enrich and prioritize your leads
Learn how to connect to Clay's built-in data enrichment tools, so you can gain insights on your leads, users, customers, and more.

Getting started

Choose from Clay's 20+ apps to build your dream customer management interface. No required API key or third-party subscriptions. Pick the tools that work best for you. For free.

Step 1 — Choose an action

Clay's apps offer a variety of enrichment services including Clearbit, People Data Labs, LinkedIn, Shopify, and much more. If you're looking to enrich an email, we recommend using ClearBit's "Enrich Person & Company". You can also leverage Clay's data to enrich company names, URLs, LinkedIn profiles, and more. Apps will get added to your spreadsheet as columns.

Step 2 — Configure the action

Get the enrichment action to run by dragging the columns names into each of the related fields. In this example, we're adding the Email column to the email field of Clearbit's "Enrich Person and Company" action. Some actions will require email, but others will require either name, URL, LinkedIn profile, or other data.

Step 3 — Run the action

For each record (row) that the app runs, that's considered an action. You can run any action by hovering over cells and clicking the 'Re-run action' button.
When new records are created within the spreadsheet, the actions will automatically be run.

Step 4 — Extract returned enrichments

Enrichment actions will return data nested within the cell. To extract data into new columns, you'll need to hover any of the cells and click "View details".
Search through any of the data to find useful information. You can extract data into new columns by clicking "Add to..." then "+ New field". It'll create a new column that extracts data from each record on the spreadsheet.

Last modified 1mo ago