Connect your signups and users
Learn how to automatically integrate your leads, signups, and customers into a simple Clay table.

Getting started

Clay makes it easy to connect your leads so they automatically flow into a table for free. Simply create a Webhook and connect to your signups. No CSV uploads, Zapier/third-party integrations, or code needed.

Step 1 β€” Create a new Source

Within your new Clay table, connect your leads by adding a new source. Tip: Be specific with your Webhook name so you remember in the future. For instance, if you're connecting leads from Webflow, you can name the Source "Webflow leads". Clay connects with thousands of tools include Typeform, Airtable, custom forms, Google Forums, and much more.
Learn more about sources right here:

Step 2 β€” Connect to your tools

First, go into the new Webhook column's settings and copy the Webhook URL. Next, go into your existing signup form and add in the Webhook URL. In this example, we connected to Webflow, but Webhook integrations are supported across almost every form builder. Search your tool name and "Webhook integration" for simple instructions.

Step 3 β€” Extracting into the table

Once users start filling out your forms, data will automatically added to the source column. To view the data, you'll need to extract it into new columns. Start by hovering over any cell with data and clicking "View details".
Parse through the data and add data as columns by clicking "Add to..." then "+ New Field". You'll see the data automatically populate for all of the records in the table.

Want to get started manually?

Upload any CSV by simply clicking "Import data" and mapping columns from the CSV to columns within Clay. You can also manually enter records into Clay like any other spreadsheet.
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