The units of a Clay table

Clay stores and presents data in four main levels: workspaces, tables, records, and fields.
1. Workspaces
When you first open Clay you'll find yourself in your Personal Workspace - this is your personal piece of Clay. Workspaces are the highest level of Clay and are home to tables. They can be created by anyone with a Clay account, and can then be shared with teammates or any other Clay users via invitations.
2. Tables
One level down from workspaces, tables are where the magic happens. Made up of columns and rows, tables are the level at which you will weave together data sources, actions, and other integrations to automate your workflows. You'll also import or export CSVs from here.
4. Records
Records (or rows) are made up of individuals fields. These fields are either (1) manually added, (2) data previews from an action, (3) data added from an action into the table, or (4) data added from a source into the table.
5. Fields
The smallest unit of Clay, fields are either manually added, data previews returned from an action, or fields extracted from an action's returns. Actions can be re-run at the field level.

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