Advanced applications


Automate your lead scoring and use a checkbox to identify qualified leads based on certain properties in your table ⚡️ Here are a few examples to get you started:
    Checkbox for work emails only: if(["hotmail","gmail", "yahoo", "icloud", "outlook", "comcast", "proton"].some((domain)=>{{{ "Email Address" }}.includes(domain)}), false, true)
    Checkbox for specific industries: if({{ "Industry" }} && ["software", "internet", "information technology"].some((i)=>{{{ Industry }}.toLowerCase().includes(i)}), true, false)
    Checkbox if company has a certain amount of employees: if({{ "Employee Count" }} && {{ "Employee Count" }} > 50 && {{ "Employee Count" }} < 200, true, false)
And now, get creative and combine! Once you've set up all of your individual checkbox columns, add a Final Scoring using a chain of operators to flow through the qualification logic.
    i.e.!{{ "Only work emails" }} ? false : {{ "In ideal industry" }} ? true : {{ "At least 20 employees"}} ? true : false

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